Monday, March 08, 2010

Reading beyond the (Washington) post…

Got a link to a post on one of Washington Post’s blogs, about Sarah Palin’s tale of being taken to Canada for healthcare as a child, which was interesting, illustrating another peculiar incident of selective recall from Sarah Palin (though it’s not clear in which instance the recall is incorrect). What was most interesting, however, was the string of comments that came attached to it. The level of debate was disappointing to say the least. Beyond the occasional “pithy” comment about Palin, the comment string descended oh-so quickly into a conservative-he-said, liberal-he-said bitch-fight. Some of the comments are moronic in the extreme – clichéd misunderstandings of what liberals think/want, idiotic and patronising misunderstandings of what conservatives think/want… This on supposedly one of the US’s best, more intelligent newspapers? Really? So very disappointing.

One particularly frequent offender goes by the internet handle “idesign”, who randomly posted the following comment:

“Sarah Palin lives rent free in the heads of deranged liberals...LOL”

Quite beyond understanding what this means, it’s the “LOL” that really made this stick out.

Not to be outdone, a “liberal”, also known as “sasquatchbigfoot”, had this to say:

“I think you need to get on your knees, open your mouth wide and grab the HughGNutts.”

Naturally, “idesign” responds,

“Another intelligent post from a deranged liberal. LOL”

Again with the “LOL”… It totally destroys any impact his correct observation of a lame comment might have (not that we required “idesign” to point it out to us). This was met with another unintelligent comment from “sasquathbigfoot”, which really doesn’t make any argument other than: People who comment on US politics articles online are, by and large, People With Too Much Time on Their Hands…

Disappointment all around, then. To both liberals and conservatives on the internet: you need to stop.

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