Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If Memory Serves… (eBooks vs. Physical Books)

This is just another thought about both physical books and eBooks & their respective benefits.

One benefit of actual books is that you’re less likely to forget you have a physical book that’s on your shelf, where you can see it, than something you can’t see on a device or computer. Perhaps, if you have a Mac or Windows 7 PC, which offer ‘sticky-notes’ for your desktop, you are more likely to forget about books you’ve bought in electronic format.

Personally, I use the ‘sticky-notes’ to keep track of eBooks I still have to read & review. It’s true that I would probably forget about them if I didn’t do this. Because I receive many physical books to review from publishers (both fiction and non-fiction), it’s easy to forget about the books I’ve bought for my Sony Reader.

For example, one of my favourite authors is John Sandford, who, for inexplicable reasons, isn't well promoted in the UK. For this reason, I always make a point of buying his latest novels as soon as possible, which frequently means in eBook format: I have his latest 2 Virgil Flowers novels (Heat Lightning & Rough Country), but only in ebook format. I meant to read and review them close to when they were released, but I keep forgetting I have them, as all I see when I look at my shelves are the physical books that I buy or am sent..

It's very much a case of out of sight, out of mind.

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