Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Silence is golden

So, the first post in a looooong time. I could argue that it's because of the volume of work I find myself having to grapple with. Or maybe the reviews have taken priority, making this blog slip to the way-side as I work my way through an ever-growing pile of review copies. Maybe it's because I just don't have anything worth saying.

Unfortunately, none of these are entirely accurate. I do have a ton of work - both for the tutorials I'm taking (the subjects for which I know surprisingly little...), and also the second to last chapter for my PhD, which I'm trying to get finished (currently 2 weeks overdue, with no clear submission in sight). I'm still reading books and reviewing them, but these too have dropped off in volume. As for not having anything to say... well, we all know that's just not true, and probably will never be true.

When I manage to carve out some free time, I'll start pontificating and complaining about things again. Fear not, the Grinch has not hung up his... um, grinching equipment (?).

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