Thursday, December 24, 2009

An interesting article from The Daily Beast

This is the blog equivalent of a re-Tweet, I guess, but I read this article from The Daily Beast about Palin, Schwarzenegger and the future of the GOP, thought it was worth pointing out to the veritable hordes (*cough*cough*) of people who read my humble blog.

“In both style and substance, Arnold vs. Sarah offered a preview of the coming debate within the party over how the GOP might govern as it bids to return to power next year. And for mainstream Republicans who often seemed cowed by tea-party rejectionists, the contest revealed a method for neutralizing the party’s Palinists.”

Author Joe Mathews had this to say about the contest/altercation between the two political celebrities:

“Palin is a skilled media manipulator who cleverly trades on personality, physical appearance, and a knack for sharp one-liners. So is Schwarzenegger, who had the crucial advantage of having played this game for 30 years. In taking on the governor of California, Palin foolishly launched a rivalry with a smarter, savvier version of herself.”

I wonder how long it will take for Palin to say this, too, was another dastardly act from the liberally-biased media mainstream. Mathews even suggests this when he points out that

“Palin’s persona is built on the notion of her as a victim, under attack by politically correct forces; in this theology, she is a common-sense truth-teller, a stand-in for regular folks and their resentments.”

The article discusses Palin’s first jab, followed by Schwarzenegger’s adroit riposte, and Palin’s utter fumble of a response. It’s interesting, and it’s nice to see someone praising the Governator for a change.

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