Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two Great, Recent Movies

It’s actually been a little while since I saw these, but I thought I’d mention two movies that really struck me, recently.

TheProposal First off, The Proposal, which stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. In some ways, this is a mixture of Indecent Proposal and Green Card, only with a modern twist. Bullock was excellent as the career-focussed, cold Margaret Tate, who ropes Ryan Reynold’s Andrew Paxton (Tate’s over-worked assistant) in a fake marriage so she can stay in the country – she’s Canadian and her visa’s expired. The chemistry between the two of them, as they go off to see Andrew’s family in Alaska, is very good. The movie is filled with superb, very funny scenes; all of which work and are never forced or over-the-top. Thankfully, as well, the movie doesn’t fall prey to that oh-so-American need to explain every single joke or show it all. A very funny comedy, both the stars are on top form.

harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince The next movie is the latest Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This I was initially not too bothered about seeing in the cinema. When we went to see it in Lima, though, I was amazed by how good it is – the direction, cinematography and even the acting from the three main kids… all are very well done indeed. The best so far, the movies continue down their darker path, with great promise for the final two instalments.

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