Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog embarrassment?

A good, recent editorial cartoon by Bob Gorrell, one of my favourite editorial cartoonist:


It’s strange for me that I post many articles, posts, reviews, etc., which any stranger with an internet connection can read (in the unlikely event that they might actually want to, or just happen to stumble across them), but when a friend or colleague visits the blogs, I can be become quite embarrassed, not to mention very defensive.

This is especially true when it comes to my review sites: I never feel comfortable when my friends read my reviews. I’m not sure why, really. For the fiction reviews, it’s not really a problem (different people like different books, so the reviews mainly focus on plot, style, readability, etc.); but for the non-fiction reviews, it definitely is. Perhaps this is from an intellectual inferiority complex or something – we’re all postgraduates, and for the main clued up to world events and politics, so my reviews sometimes feel limited or simplistic.

Speaking of reviews, I’ve recently had one published in the East Asia: An International Quarterly journal. It was for David Kang’s China Rising, which wasn’t bad (but not great). The review can be found here.

I shall leave you with another Gorrell cartoon, which is also pretty good, and simple in its execution:


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