Friday, May 08, 2009

Under whose authority…?

A very quick post (stream of consciousness): Just read an article from Reuters, “China warns France against award for Dalai Lama”, and there are a couple of things that stand out as ridiculous.

First off, if you consider that China is a nation that waves the banner of sovereignty at any given opportunity, this statement is hypocritical in the extreme:

“If the city of Paris makes him a so-called honorary citizen, it will certainly once again be opposed by the Chinese people. We demand the Paris city government stop all actions which interfere in China's internal affairs and not make the same mistakes again and again on the Tibet issue.” [emphasis mine]

Under what authority is the Chinese government able to demand anything like this from a sovereign nation? Perhaps I’m missing something, but France is perfectly within its right to offer honorary citizenship to Paris to whoever the hell it wants, Beijing’s knickers getting in a twist or not.

The fact that France acquiesced is incredible, as it merely strengthens China’s hand at throwing its weight about (something, I might add, they complain about the US…). Maybe there is something to the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” thesis…

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