Thursday, April 02, 2009

In the Press

Just wanted to point out a good couple of articles from The Economist about President Obama's administration, and how it's been rather disappointing for many, including his supporters. The articles discuss Obama's failures and his weaknesses so far in office.

Leader: "Learning the hard way"
  • "There are 23 slots at the [Treasury] department that need confirmation by the Senate, and only two have been filled. This is not the Senate's fault. Mr Obama has made a series of bad picks of people who have chosen or been forced to withdraw, and it was only this week that he announced his candidates for the two of the department's four most senior posts."
  • "Mr Obama has mishandled his relations with both sides in Congress... If Mr Obama cannot work with Republicans, he needs to be certain that he controls his own party. Put bluntly, the Democrats are messing him around."
  • It's not all doom-and-gloom, though, as the author points to some evidence that the administration is learning to properly address the issues it is faced with.
  • Interesting quotes pending... (I still need to finish the article)

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