Monday, March 16, 2009

More on Stem Cells…

Ah, this is more like it: Michael Kinsley responds to Ross Douthat’s critique of Kinsley’s article on Obama’s recent lifting of the ban on stem cell research.

A good passage:

“Furthermore, if you’re going to draw a line to facilitate compromise, the line between embryos used for research and embryos simply destroyed is an odd one to draw—at least if your intention is to ban the research but allow the pointless destruction to continue. Why not the other way around? Also, while stem cell research involves the destruction of embryos, IVF involves the purposeful creation of embryos with the certain knowledge that many or most of them will be destroyed. Once again, it’s an odd compromise that saves the former by preventing scientific research while allowing the latter much larger and pointless slaughter to continue unmolested.”

Completely makes up for Kinsley’s rather odd comments from the initial article, as this is a more intelligent, measured and thoughtful defense of his position and critique of Douthat’s position.

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