Friday, August 29, 2008

Vice Presidential Picks

And so "Veep-Stakes" comes to a close. What do we make of the choices? Well, let's start with Obama's inspired choice of Senator Joe Biden.

Is it just me, or is the art (left) open to massive interpretation? There's something that pops into mind, when you see Senator Obama - accused of being inexperienced and unworthy of being president, not one of Washington's players, ready to change the whole environment in the capital, and behind him, an old white dude, who's been in Washington since time began... To be honest, though, I like Senator Biden - he'll be good for Obama's administration, as long as he's not treated like someone who just needs to have a pulse. Anyway, I like him, so now Obama's looking like an even better choice: superb Foreign Policy team, good VP choice, suggestions that he's actually going to be a sensible president (not the raging, scary liberal frequently in the pages of The Weekly Standard).

As for McCain's choice? Well, I'm not so sure it was as inspired. I know there's been an MASSIVE reaction in the blogosphere - my RSS feeds are going crazy, being updated every couple of minutes with another revalation about Sarah Palin (usually not a good one) and how she is a really strange choice for McCain (The New Republic, especially has had a lot to say). If you're picking opposites, then McCain's done a good one: younger woman. Her support for Pat Buchanan makes me want to run for the hills, but we'll see. Not one to usually like the slur of "not enough experience" as a reason to dismiss a candidate, I think in the case of Palin, we just might have the dictionary definition of "inexperienced". She served as a mayor for 9,000 people... Oh yeah, she's also the Governor of Alaska (which is probably pretty good practice for something). Even if it is an attempt to steal the women's vote from Obama (unlikely, given Palin's pro-life, repeal-Roe-v.-Wade urges), I think this was a batty choice from McCain. Way to steal the media's attention, though (Michael Crowley points out that McCain's pick is receiving almost wall-to-wall attention on newspaper frontpages and so on). Feeding the beast...

At least one way or another, though, this election will definitely have a whole new something: either 1st Black President, or 1st Female Vice President.

In slightly related news, as the Economist says on this week's cover, "Bring back the real McCain"! He's being a little dotty at the moment. (More on this after I've read the rest of the article...)

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