Sunday, August 24, 2008

Site Rearrange

Just a quick update on the future of this blogsite.
I'm trying to get everything rearranged, so this will be the homepage for all my other blogs, with a ribbon of links at the top (if anyone knows how to do this...). I will rearrange some of the posts, too, into their new places. The categories that will be featured:
  • Politics & Current Affairs - this will remain on the frontpage, as it is now.
  • MWRI - the music review site I've been running for years.
  • Civilian-Reader - my book review site
  • Gubbins & Gizmos - a technology blog, where you'll (eventually) find posts about technology, like the one below about the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader.
  • General - this is where I'll put all my posts about life, coffee, travel and so forth. Lighter in tone, shorter posts. I suppose this would be the closest I get to having a "Twitter" site.

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