Monday, June 23, 2008

Seal of the Candidate of the United States (Democratic Party)

Just spent some time over on Barack Obama's website. It's actually a pretty nice website, though apparently they're gagging for money: every new page seems to have a "Donate Now" element to it.

After you've typed in address, you get sent to the donate page (perhaps a little presumptive for someone who's never visited before). Watch his new ad, you get a page that's dominated by donation form with only a relatively tiny window with the actual ad in it.

They're hoping for 75,000 extra doners by July 4th.

You know, the website really does look nice. All the graphics and pictures, chosen no doubt by a hoard of consultants (probably why they still need bucketloads of donations...). Lots of blue, lots of white, a little red (can't have too much Republican colour on there).

While I think it's a little pompous to design your very own seal, Obama's is, like his website, rather pretty:

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