Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Does McCain have a point...?

I'm referring to the growing grumbling about Obama's media coverage being far better than McCain's. Lots of people will just throw this out as one campaign complaining about another's successes, but I think he might have a point. No one can deny that Obama has been getting a lot of media coverage, certainly enough that it occasionally makes it feel like Obama's the only candidate for president.
Let's take a look at magazine covers, which is basically the only thing I have access to, for the past two years (January 2007-present, from both "conservative" and "liberal" ones):
  • Obama - 2.5
  • McCain - 1.5 (they share latest issue)
  • Obama - 2 (two where he shares with Clinton)
  • McCain - 1
  • Obama - 5
  • McCain - 2 (both 2007)
  • Obama - 5.5 (one shared with Clinton)
  • McCain - 3
  • Obama - 1.5 (one shared with Clinton again)
  • McCain - 1

Newsweek (US Edition)

  • Obama - 6
  • McCain - 2

Time (US Edition)

  • Obama - 6
  • McCain - 4
So what does this tell us? Not a whole lot, really. Who really knows what the truth is? It certainly can feel like Obama's getting all the press, but it's not always great press. Maybe they should only do covers/issues with both on them/in them?
I can't believe I took the time to find this all out...

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