Monday, May 19, 2008


I only heard about this most recent campaign non-story at work today, so I'm playing a little catch-up, but I was moved to write by the sheer banality of the latest problem, dubbed "Sweetie-gate" by Lisa Anderson at the Chicago Tribune. Obama recently said, while touring a Chrysler plant in Detroit, to a reporter who asked him a question, "Hold on a second, sweetie", and failed to answer the question ("How are you going to help the American auto workers?").
This is simply the most stupid thing for anyone to get excited about. No, it's not that he didn't answer the question that has all the precious jouornalists in a wad, it's the fact that he used the word "sweetie". Is there really nothing else to write about the campaign?! The video of the incident is all over the internet, and it has been blogged about hundreds of time (I'm feeding the beast, too), but what's interesting is that it seems to only be the unpaid bloggers (from a cursory, quick Google search of "Obama sweetie") that are pointing out that this is a non-story.
At least the person Obama referred to as "sweetie" wasn't offended (good on her for being a normal human being). What's amazing, as I suggested, is that his use of the word is more newsworthy than the fact that he didn't answer this rather important question. How is it any different from the use of words like "sugar" and "honey" for other politicians?
His phone-apology to the journalist was also very well done, and I have to say I like him that little more, despite still being concerned about the amount of taxpayer money he's likely to spend as president. (Democratic president, Democratic House and Senate... the deficit is going to explode! Even if they end the war in Iraq!)
What the hell is wrong with the media? The fact that the BBC reported on it too is just depressing.
Maybe Obama likes Absolutely Fabulous?

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