Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gotta Love Democratic Voters...

Following yesterday's primary election in West Virginia, it would appear that my earlier comments about the primary season are holding true as, once again, the candidate most recently written off by the media and chattering classes makes a comeback: this time, it was Hillary Clinton's (most impressive) turn, beating Barack Obama more convincingly than in any other state:
  • Clinton: 67%
  • Obama: 26%
  • Edwards: 7% (I love that there are people still voting for him, considering he dropped out months ago - true, it's probably mail-ins, but it's still admirably hopeful)

So, the Democrats will continue to beat the living crap out of each other for another few weeks yet. With 2,025 delegates needed to claim victory, Obama (1,875) will need to win 139 of the remaining 189 delegates (from Oregon, Kentucky, Puerto Rico, Montana and South Dakota's primaries) - Hillary (1,697) only needs to win 27% of the remaining delegates to keep Obama from reaching this total. If my (admittedly poor) maths is correct, this should be easy considering she has already won on average of 41% in each state (she has 45%~ of total delegates to Obama's 50%~).*

I'm sure a lot of this maths is completely wrong, but it was momentarily fun to pretend I was a pundit and try to work it all out.

*Some states she's won massively, and the same can be said for Obama, but I think they balance each other out, to make this average not too absurd or arbitrary.

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