Monday, May 12, 2008

Democratic Spending

I'm not at all happy about this, but according to the Washington Post, Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign is $20 million in debt.
Does anyone imagine that a Democratic president would be any better with taxpayers' money? This, in fact, is one of my main reasons for not wanting a Democratic House and Senate, on top of a Democrat in the White House: both Clinton and Obama have outlined lavish spending plans with little clear indication as to how they will pay for all this government largesse.
More on my opinions of how the election is shaping up in tomorrow's post, which will be longer and more thought-out. It will include:
  • why I think people are selling Obama short by "blaming" racism on his success
  • why the increased media focus on "race" is likely highly insulting to the vast majority of Americans
  • why I'm reconsidering Obama (again)
  • why I think McCain as president won't be as scary as many are making out

Stay tuned!

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