Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lame Endorsement

This is quite possibly the lamest “endorsement” for Obama over Clinton, from Willie Barrow, an Illinois party official and Democrat super-delegate:

“I support Barack because [he] exemplifies a real man. He is a Christian, husband and father. Universal healthcare, employment and education are the primary issues for me. Our children are not going to school and not graduating. The state is closing schools and opening jails. I think that people of faith have to broaden their ministries outside the walls of the church. Anyone can sing in the choir or serve on the deacon board but how many know the level of unemployment in their community or the number of people losing their homes?”

It’s posted somewhere on Obama’s website, if you want to find it, and can also be found here (where I spotted it).

Below are the particularly noteworthy exerpts, that need addressing:

  1. Christian, husband and father” – Hillary is a Christian, wife, and mother. How is this any different? Unless you’re sexist.
  2. Universal healthcare, employment and education” as primary issues – well, as has been made clear by almost every media outlet in the world covering the primaries, Obama and Clinton are essentially in the same place for all these issues (and more).
  3. know the level of unemployment in their community or the number of people losing their homes” – well, I’d say that Hillary has proven that she has an amazing capacity for policy and for data, so I’d say she would probably be more likely to know not only her own community/district’s unemployment rates, but also those from obscure communities around the whole country.

And one other thing – Barack is a “real man”? Surely Hillary is a “real woman”? I’m not coming down on either side here, but seriously, this endorsement is the emptiest load of fluff I’ve ever read. If anyone is swayed by this, they deserve to be disappointed.

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