Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Daily Show Bump?

Going to engage in a little punditry, now (it has to be done). After her successful appearances on both The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live, Hillary Has won three of the four states up for grabs yesterday. Claiming victories in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island, she edges ever closer to Obama, who only won Vermont.
What does this mean for the everlong Democratic primary race? Well, frankly I haven't the faintest idea. While I have been pretty close to the mark with my predictions since the beginning, now it's just becoming downright weird. Whenever someone is considered "out" or "lost", they have a comeback. Are voters deliberately playing with the media? I'd love it if they were, but I think that would be bestowing the American people with a communal guile that is wholly unlikely.
Needless to say, the race is still too close to call for the Democrats, while the previously scrappy Republican field (which has gone through three sure-thing front runners) has now been whittled down to just Senator John McCain (Huckabee conceded yesterday, and no one really knows what's happened to Ron Paul). McCain now has a couple of months' head-start to campaign for the whole country. While not knowing who specifically he's campaigning against, he can at least start general attacks against the Democratic platform - after all, both Hillary and Barack have told us so many times that they agree on everything anyway, McCain can safely just poke holes in the general ideas.
The Democrats, on the other hand, will continue to shout at each other, for months to come.

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