Friday, February 29, 2008


I recently saw "Jumper" at the cinema. It was not bad. It was not great. Empire said "it lays the foundations on which a great franchise can be built". True, but it would have been nice if they actually laid the foundations of the story, too.

Too much of the movie was style (it was very stylish) and not much story. They really should have spent some more time explaining what the hell was going on. Sure, too much exposition would have come across as forced, but a little bit of exposition would have not only extended the movie beyond 1.5hrs, and also made it a more well-rounded movie.

There was vast potential to expand the story. The ideas behind the "jumping", and how doing so leaves a "jump-scar" was, to my mind, inspired! The complete lack of explanation as to why the Paladins were chasing the jumpers, and why chief paladin (played by the ever-excellent Samuel L Jackson) always uses a specific, ancient, blood-encrusted knife to dispatch each jumper he captures is never explained.

A good movie, sadly let down by a small budget? Considering the movie was directed by Doug Liman, this is unlikely - he directed Mr & Mrs Smith and The Bourne Identity. Also, considering it stars the young Darth Vader (the marginally-improved Hayden Christensen), this should have been given a relatively generous budget. The special effects were cool, and very well done.
The movie was better than expected, and I think it is for this reason I was disappointed with the short-shrift they gave to the background and story. If this is the beginning of a franchise/series, then I'm very happy about that, as the concepts and storyline leave things wide open, with oodles of potential for expansion and development!

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