Friday, December 02, 2005

The Other Republican Contenders

The GOP is already churning out Presidential hopefuls like there's no tomorrow. All strong contenders, here's a short run down of the two front runners...

Rudy Giuliani - I think he'd make a great President, to be honest, assuming he can repeat his success as Mayor of New York and transfer it onto a national scale.

Condaleeza Rice - She's got all the same selling points that Hillary Clinton has, coupled with the fact that she's the only member of the current administration with a brain. Following her great success with progressing talks between Israel and Palestine, as well as her jet-setting role as Secretary of State, if she were to run, she'd give pretty much anyone a run for her money. However, being African-American and a woman, she'd probably run into trouble in the South... She'd make a good President, but she'd be stuck with the Bush Jr. tag, and that might hold her back in some respects.

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