Monday, November 07, 2005

Mini-goths die in summer...

It was not so long ago that I became enthralled in the world of rock and metal music. At least, that's how it feels - in reality, it was 10 years ago. However, back then, rock music wasn't in the mainstream, and it wasn't considered 'cool'. On the other hand, I thought it was awesome!

Nowadays, though, the scene has changed. With rock bands infiltrating Top of the Pops with increasing regularity (Lostprophets, HIM, Funeral For A Friend, Slipknot, et al), a new culture has arisen: that of the mini-mosher.

For me to complain about them is only half hypocritical, though. Whereas I was very immersed in the rock world when I was (much) younger, I did not live it, as some do these days. Yes, so you listen to rock music - not everyone can pull off corpse paint and 'gothic' outfits. And the flourescent beads just clash with everything, so please don't.

I wear band t-shirts, true, and have a tattoo, but when I don't wear them (or display the tattoo, which is a very rare occurance) you'd probably be hard pressed to know I listen to metal (and often Melodic Death Metal, too). I don't dress in velvet, heavily darkened tones (though black is simply fabulous with everything, according to a friend of mine), ruffles or an aggressive amount of spikes.

And corpse paint is terrible for the complexion, which makes it harder to believe that a teenager, of all people, would be willing to cake themselves with it. Also, as teenagers, they should know that their peers are going to take the piss out of them for looking different (or, "being themselves" as they call it). The 'chavs' and 'townies' will always make fun of those who look different. Anyone who doesn't get this deserves to be ridiculed. Especially if they wear corpse paint. It's silly.

There is a strange belief among the younger members of the rock fraternity - though really they're a whole new breed - that you can't be a rock fan if you a) listen to anything else, or b) don't let it consume you completely.

I didn't originally dress in the crazy stuff for many reasons: it's expensive, it's way too hot in the summer (at the time I was also living in Singapore and Malaysia), I'm pale enough as it is, and I would have had the s**t kicked out of me on a daily basis. Kids in boarding school are not known for their tolerance of 'alternative' lifestyles...

I've become completely disenfranchised with the scene, as people quickly develop attitudes. I once saw someone dressed in black, sporting a Green Day t-shirt, verbally abusing someone perusing the rock/metal section who was dressed like a normal human being (jeans, shirt, etc.). It's not like Green Day are exactly dangerous or even mildly edgy, but the fact that there was this conflict saddened me to the core. It used to be a case of, if you liked rock - any genre, be it punk, grunge (oh, how I loved the grunge scene), metal - you would get on with other rock fans. It was a guarantee, and it's how I met some of my best friends from years back.

God I'm sounding old... Oh, and that's another thing - get over the Satan references, it's getting old and very, very boring.

The only reason I brought this up was because you see so many in Cardiff, which is weird.

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