Monday, November 28, 2005

Clinton, McCain & The War In Iraq

As an addendum to my previous post discussing Senators Clinton and McCain, and their respective prospects for the 2008 Presidential Election, something interesting seems to be going on with their polling numbers...

Hillary Clinton's polls are plummeting, with the plummeting support for the continued war in Iraq - originally, she supported the war to dilute her reputation as a centrist, yet now it is seriously damaging her. Luckily, her husband, former President Clinton, has stepped up to help out by opposing the war - allowing Senator Clinton the opportunity to back-peddle and join the anti-war movement.

Senator McCain, on the other hand, is pushing for more troops in Iraq, and his polls don't seem to be harmed too much - despite less than overwhelming support in Washington. In fact, in a recent poll in mid-November, he is still considered the 3rd likeliest candidate for the Republican nomination (after Rudy Giuliani and Condoleeza Rice).

Maybe Hillary should switch sides...?

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